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Thursday, July 18, 2013

$1,000.00 Grant Opportunity for Young Leaders

I wanted to pass along an email notification that I received about another YSA Grant opportunity that's going on right now!

It's the "ABC Summer of Service Awards" and you can go to this link to fill out the on-line application. >YSA Application
I applied for a Grant through YSA and Disney Friends For Change earlier in the year for my GYSD and anti-Bullying awareness cause and they invited me to apply for this Grant.  This is a great opportunity for young leaders (ages 5 to 18) who are working for a cause that helps people, the community and the planet.  There are a lot of young racers that "Race for A Cause" and this is open to everyone who meets the age requirements.
The winner(s) will also be featured on their local ABC station news program!! 
If you have cause or project that you feel makes a difference you should go and apply and tell your story - don't be afraid!  You never know, and every experience you take will only improve your skills and service potential for the next Grant or Scholarship opportunity.  Sponsors also look favorably on young racers who have a worthwhile cause that they are passionate about. 
For more information visit the YSA website.

The deadline is September 1, 2013. 





Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2013 Media Tour Recap for Kaley Engstrom Racing

Here is a sampling of press interviews featuring Kaley this year.


Ross with XSAN caught up with Kaley on her debut at the Chili Bowl:


Racing Addix new program and Kaley was one of first guests featured for pulling double duty by racing back to back in Tulsa Shootout and the Chili Bowl:

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RacinwithNeal.com new On The Road Show The Drift featured Kaley guest on location from KSP.

"This Episode of The Drift Features Kaley Engstrom! Kaley is an up and coming racer that is really beginning to turn some heads in the World of Motorsports! Hear what she has to say about her career, her experiences and what 3 words she thinks best describes her as a racer and a person!"
nbsp;                                                           ~Neal Palmer

Let's Talk Racing Radio Interview

"Action Sports Everywhere" is a very very accurate tagline for XSAN.tv. Here they talked to her at the inaugural Micro Mayhem event in Kansas.

And here is the podcast of the interview Kaley did with Victory Lane Radio:


kaley engstrom ECS 2011 260 Outlaw Champion

A look back at Outlaw days.  Won 2011 National Championship.